1994 - 2007

Nutmeg passed away after a remarkable career as a search dog. She was owned by Spring and Pat Pittore. Spring was her handler for all search assignments. Nutmeg had 3 finds that were life saving events. She also had several “recovery finds” during her 12 year career as a search dog. She worked the rubble pile on September 11, 2001 with New Jersey Task Force One, Urban Search and Rescue Team. In 2002 she was admitted to the NJ Veterinary Foundation Animal Hall of Fame along with the other search dogs who worked the rubble pile at ground zero. The foundation noted “These animals fearlessly searched through burned debris, ignoring burnt paws, cuts and other obstacles to look for survivors and victims. For their unselfish and courageous efforts, the team earned induction into the Animal Hall of Fame.”
Nutmeg was known and loved by many with whom she served. She had a special gift for search work. By her passing the search and rescue community has lost a valuable resource. She will always be honored with fond memories and loving tribute.